Keeping Pests out! Sparrow Resistant Bluebird Houses

Sparrows often nest in the same types of areas and homes that bluebirds will nest in. They will often steal houses from the bluebirds since they are more demanding birds and not as particular about the house placement. There are some bluebird house designs that offer sparrow resistant bluebird houses which can allow the bluebirds to nest in peace without their homes being overrun by the sparrows. There are areas that are more attractive to the sparrows, such as barns and farmyards, so bluebird houses should not be placed within a quarter of a mile from these types of areas. In this way, the sparrows will not be as likely to invade the bluebird house. Also, there should always be more than one birdhouse placed in an area so that if the sparrows want to nest, they can use one birdhouse and the bluebirds will still be left with the other one. There will not be two sparrow nests within a five to fifteen foot vicinity of each other, so if these bird houses are placed within that distance of each other, the sparrows can use one and the bluebirds are left with the other one.

Design Aspects For Sparrow Resistant Bluebird Houses

There are certain bluebird house designs that are sparrow resistant. Sparrows do not like to have a slot entrance to the box where they will nest. The slot entrance means that it is a narrow but wide opening to the bird house rather than the circular hole that is typically seen in bird houses. This type of opening helps to make the bluebird house sparrow resistant because sparrows like the circular openings instead of the slot openings. In addition, these sparrow resistant bluebird houses are much shallower than the boxes that sparrows like to nest in. The sparrow resistant bluebird houses are about five inches deep as opposed to the ten inches of a traditional birdhouse. There are even wooden inserts that can be added to the bluebird house to make it sparrow resistant, which can narrow the depth of the house to even shallower, such as a three and a half inch depth. Shallow depths will still be used by the bluebirds, but sparrows will forego that type of a birdhouse.

These sparrow resistant bluebird houses can be found on many different birding websites or bird house stores. These houses can also be made by the individual if they have the skill and tools required for the basic carpentry work to build the house.